Nancy Diessner

Nancy Diessner

from 150.00

Riverbank, etching with watercolor and ink, 6” x 8”, unique print (no edition), 2019

$150 unframed ($25 shipping)

$180 framed ($50 shipping The print will be framed with ¼ inch border around print, no mat, in thin black metal frame.

Note: Shipping is included in the final pricing and is reflected in the total.

Artist Bio

Nancy Diessner’s artwork emerges from her background in painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, and digital image manipulation. Incorporating all these media, her photopolymer intaglio prints explore the mysterious and complex connection between humans and animals, at the same time expressing our human longing for and isolation from the “other.” Dedicated to safer printmaking, she created two low-toxicity college printmaking studios during her 17 year college teaching career, and now runs a public printmaking studio, Dog’s Eye Print Studio, in Framingham, MA, where she also makes photopolymer plates for artists.

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