Sally Lutz

"These Are a Few of My Favorite Things"

These paintings began as a way to both celebrate and exorcise an obsession with certain small objects which have occupied space in one corner of my studio for many years—hence the title of the show. They are small, worn, discarded things, difficult to identify, probably humble in origin. For inexplicable reasons they have taken hold of my imagination over time. They are of metal, paper, plastic, styrofoam or cloth. Each painting is a portrait of an individual object, but also an attempt to transform and transcend the reality of the thing, itself.

My process is messy and redundant, serendipitous, yet oddly controlled. I begin by either scanning or photographing the object to gather a somewhat “realistic” image. That image is then run through a low-quality scanning process onto ordinary copier paper where it appears much enlarged. This image is then glued in pieces to mat board where I prepare it to withstand an oil medium. Hopefully what begins as an amorphous idea becomes a resolved painting!


A member of the Bromfield Gallery since 2002, Sally Lutz received her undergraduate degree from Antioch College in 1965 and a Master of Liberal Studies degree in Studio Art at Dartmouth College in 1990. She has also studied at the Museum School in Boston, MA. Her exhibition experience has included North Cambridge Open Studios and participation in various two person and group exhibitions at the Bromfield Gallery. She has also shown at Artcetera in Boston, at the Brush Gallery in Lowell, MA where she was awarded first prize in the 2006 Brush Gallery's Juried Member Show, and at the Bridgewater Mill Gallery in Bridgewater, Vermont.

Lutz has co-founded several institutions, including the Civil Society Institute in Newton, MA, Payne Project, Inc. in Cambridge, MA and CIRMA, a social science research institute in Antigua, Guatemala, C.A. She lives with her husband in Cambridge, MA and travels often to France.