450 Harrison Ave., Boston, MA



Juried Invitational • August 3 -21, 2016
Submission deadline: June 15

SOLO 2017
Juror: Sarah Montross, Associate Curator at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
Submission deadline: Oct 15, 2016




May 4 - 29, 2016

Opening Reception
Friday, May 6
6-830 pm

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Carlos Alvarez:
"Protecting the Wounds"


There are two important memories that encouraged me to create my work. The first is all those many years around the 1990s of violence and death in the city of Medellin, Colombia, where I grew up. The second one is the vivid memories of human remains that have lain in a mausoleum for four years.

I worked from the idea of the human body becoming a discarded artifact, wasted matter—parts of a whole entity that is no longer valuable. My immediate connection was to a decayed piece of wood, decomposed logs, rotten trees. These organic forms and the bodies became an integrated mass. I am interested in the physicality and materiality of the rotten wood as a memory of deterioration.

I find possibilities in the forms and materials, perhaps a new space that is being created within the process of transformation.



Jemison Faust:
What Lies Beneath"


Many artists who create their art from detritus begin with the larger issues of over consumption, waste and the health of our planet. Through my job as a personal organizer, however, my work begins by focusing on a particular person and moves out from there to larger concerns.  Working this way keeps me close to the emotional heart of the matter and the toll it takes on individual lives.  During this journey through a person’s home, there is always a part of me looking for ways to visually express what I see and feel in this rich and complicated world.

I bring back to my studio the “before” photos of the chaos, our conversations, the “To Do Lists,” the twist ties, the solitary earring, the damaged toy, the pile of receipts, and the letters from strangers.

The paintings that come from this collection begin as a rich collage, a layering of visual clutter bound with acrylic gel.  This surface is then sliced, sanded, peeled away and added to until one can begin to perceive the sight and texture of that person’s life.

The objects created from this collection derive from odd juxtapositions of items found in a person’s home as well as my response to amusing or poignant conversations we have had during our time spent together. 
























































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