Bromfield Gallery Membership

Bromfield Gallery
450 Harrison Ave., Boston, MA 02118
(617) 451-3605

As a first step, prospective members may apply for a visiting artist exhibition, or ask to be considered for membership separately. See information below. (Click here for info on Visiting Artist Exhibitions)

To Apply for Membership

  1. The artist submits 10-20 slides or low-res jpgs on a CD (clearly numbered on CD without being embedded in a program such as Powerpoint), resume, artist statement, slide list, SASE and other materials such as reviews. A letter of interest is also included that explains why membership is sought, along with 3 references which are relevant to membership in a gallery.


  1. Slides and materials are reviewed by members at a monthly meeting. If the review is favorable, the artist is invited to bring 3-5 pieces to the next meeting.
  2. If the review of actual work is favorable, the gallery director will contact references. A committee of members will either schedule a studio visit or interview. At this time, the committee will answer questions, and convey benefits and responsibilities of members--sitting, receptions, members gallery, etc.--and the spirit of a coop gallery. The artist will discuss their reasons for seeking membership and experience in similar settings.
  3. Members vote. If accepted, the artist will begin a 3-month trial period in which artist pays dues and may show in members room, helps with sitting and receptions, etc., but other factors are delayed: initiation fee, web site.
  4. At the end of the trial period, either the artist or membership may decline permanent membership. Members vote on permanent membership. The $500 initiation fee is paid and the contract is signed. All benefits and responsibilities begin.


Members. Dues are $100/month, and new members pay a one-time initiation fee of $500. Members receive a 60% commission on the sale of their work.

Members receive a solo exhibition every 24 months. Their exhibition expenses are the same as those of visiting artists except that there is no gallery rental fee; this rental fee is covered by members' monthly dues. Members show work in the Gallery Artists space and flat file on an ongoing basis; and are represented on the gallery web site and in a gallery binder. In addition, members participated in a Members Group Show each September to coincide with the South End Open Studios, and an annual holiday show in December. The relationship with Bromfield is non-exclusive, so members are encouraged to show at other spaces.

Associate Members. The monthly dues are $60, and Associate Members receive a two-person show every 24 months. The intiation fee is $250. They have a full vote at meetings, are included on the web site and in a gallery binder, and may participate in group shows in September and December. Their work is included in the Gallery Artists space as room allows. Otherwise, Associate Members enjoy the benefits and share the responsibilties of full membership.

Low-Residency Members. The monthly dues are $200. No gallery sitting or participation is required. Although they may not vote, they are welcome at monthly meetings. Low-Residency Members receive a show every 24 months, may participate in group shows in September and December, and their work is included on the web site, in a gallery binder, and in the Gallery Artists space.

National Members. The yearly dues are $800, paid in advance. No gallery sitting or participation is required. National Members receive the following benefits: participation in September and December group shows; participation in flat file; binder in gallery; page or link on Bromfield web site; 10% discount if they choose to show as a Visiting Artist; and affiliation with Bromfield Gallery, a member of the Boston Art Dealers Association. Their work is included in the Gallery Artists space as room allows.

To apply to be a National Member, submit 10-20 slides or jpgs, resume, artist statement, slide list, SASE and other materials such as reviews. (The steps above—such as an interview, bringing in actual work, trial period, and initiation fee—do not apply.)

Other Information

Bromfield Gallery is Boston's oldest artist-owned gallery. Bromfield shows contemporary art in all media, with an emphasis on New England artists. Members are part of a dynamic artistic community.

Members sign up for gallery sitting ten times a year. In addition, members help with receptions and other activities on a regular basis. Meetings are held once a month when proposals for Visiting Artists are reviewed and policy decisions are made. Members are from the Boston area and surrounding New England states.

The Gallery's business foundation is as a for-profit corporation. By-laws and dues are established by members.

Member, Boston Art Dealers Association