450 Harrison Ave., Boston, MA



May 3 - 28, 2017

Opening Reception
Friday, May 5
6-8:30 pm

Poetry Reading and Music
Saturday, May 13, 2 pm
Free and open to the public

Gary Clark, poet and president of Vermont Studio Center
Roland Clark, violin
A collaborative father/son performance

Alan Albert, poet
Susan Nissenbaum Becker, poet

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Lesley Cohen: "Strata/Substratum"

"Strata/Substratum" peels back the edges of our everyday world to uncover hidden environments underneath. I feel the desire to delve beneath the surface and discover what exists, what has been left behind.  My work serves as an artistic ‘bridge’ between my interior world and the world outside.  I find it intriguing – to be looking for something outside of myself, yet what I discover are elements of myself reflected back.
My drawings are worlds unto themselves. However, no one drawing is an answer in itself, but part of a larger search. I reflect on life memories, and I make associations, abstractions and extensions of logic, realigning and layering meaning as I draw.
Although I work with a limited set of elements, without noticeable color and divested of recognizable imagery, I see my work as a network of inseparable concerns in which the forces of nature, the reality of materials, and the instinct toward composition are all held in a complex, delicate balance.
I am not preconceiving the work and then realizing it. I am as mystified by the end result of my process as my viewer is; I am surprised every time at what I end up creating. And then it fuels my next body of work.
















Laurie Alpert: "SOAP"

For the past few years I’ve had an obsession with the stains and marks on my studio floor. I now find myself obsessed with a bar of soap, the inspiration for these mixed media prints and artist books.

Several months ago, my studio mate was walking by the sink outside our studio and noticed a bar of soap with a hole through the middle of it. I had been washing my brushes with it and the circular motion had created a hole through its center. She found it visually compelling, took a picture of it and sent it to me.

I was immediately struck by the humor of what it was in reality, but also saw the potential in the many ways I could transform it and allow it to exist in a new context.

For many years my images have begun with photographs that I’ve taken of seemingly mundane things. The origin is inconsequential - it is the alteration that gives the image its new life.





















































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