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SOLO 2011 Competition

JAN 5-29

Opening Reception
Friday, Jan 7
6-830 pm

Juried by Randi Hopkins, Associate Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

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Gallery I

Alvin Case: Body(Mass)Index


This series of works on paper, using adhesive tape reflects my explorations of thought-forms in art as maps and materialization of vision.

The thought-form explorations began with the idea of storyboards, particularly as they are used in movie making and graphic novels. What has arisen from these explorations is a landscape of objects with the human body as its source. As in the fractured examples of classical Greek and Roman sculptures, the head and hands are excised, and the limbs and torso separated into simple sculptural forms and flattened shapes.

The colored tape acts as an omni-directional guide (reminiscent of subway maps) as well as the skeleton for each work, since no other adhesive or bonding is used. It also alludes to a musical structure for each piece. The bands of color, of varying thickness, echo sound forms of an as yet unheard score.

In much the same way classical sculpture is placed in a gallery, these forms are placed within the bands of tape. And just as sound bounces and reflects off of a marblebust at particular frequencies and wavelengths, the tape forms imply the same without disturbing the surrounding air.





Gallery II

Ross Normandin : Real Spider, Real Web


I challenge the line between painting and sculpture with an emphasis on combining abstract geometric painting and realism. My work is essentially about walls and the relationship between the interior architecture and the paintings that occupy the space.

The balance of form, space and materiality suggests the bond each work has with the act of building and painting and the physicality involved in the process of both. The disruption of the flat surface alludes to the alliance of these processes.  

These works have led me to interpret painting as a form of building that incorporates their spatial presence. My paintings are not only objects in their space, but they exist in yours.




Gallery III

Gallery Artists

Judy Riola



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